Anyone else have this problem with the Menu Bar?

Look at the picture below, the whole menu dissapears and then if you hover
and click thats when you can actually find anything on the menu:

My problem with the menu bar is as I hover the mouse over selection, it doubles up. For example: if I hover over ‘Audio’ another ‘Audio’ overlaps the first one. It does it for each item on the menu. I installed Cubase 8.0.10. It didn’t solve the issue.

I have not seen this here… that said, for troubleshooting can you tell me what your setting is in

the control panel: Appearance and Personalization> Display> Change the Size of All Items

I had my default Display size at 125%, when I switched it to 100%, it looks normal without ‘the doubled up’ words.

Here on Win 8.1 there’s no doubling of the menu text at 125%. Are you on Win 7? (not that it helps…)