Anyone else having a problem with Slate VBC Red in Cubase 8?


This is weird, I’m running Cubase 8 x64 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

If I try to load Slate VBC Red in Cubase 8 I get the “Cubase will close” error, after which Slate VBC Red (only) gets added to the Black List. However, if I load the full VBC rack, then Red works as it should. The problem only occurs if I attempt to load VBC Red as a single plug-in. Grey, FG-MU and the full rack still work as they should. I didn’t have this problem in CB 7.5.30.

I’ve tried un-installing and reinstalling Slate VBC and trashing the Black List but the issue persists.

Also if I try to load VBC Red in SoundForge 11 in 32 bit I’m treated to an error message and SoundForge closes.

If anyone out there has Slatel VBC I would be grateful if you would test this please. I haven’t contacted Slate Digital yet since I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this problem or it’s just me.

This is the only problem I’ve had so far and I’m a little in the dark at the moment.

Thanks in advance.


Mmmm, maybe I should try this at Slutz?

Cheers anyway.

I have Win 7 64bit Ultimate and no problem at all with Slate’s RED compressor in Cubase Pro 8.

vbc red cpro8.jpg
Check your account on the Slate Digital website and make sure you’ve installed the latest available version.

Thanks for replying, That means it’s a local problem then. Very odd.

Of course, I can still use Red by loading the rack and disabling Grey and FG-MU. I just don’t like oddities :confused:


PS: I’m also on Win 7 64bit Ultimate