Anyone else having issues with Superior Drummer 3 (latest update) and C 10.5?

EDIT: NEVER MIND! Turns out I wasn’t on the latest SD3 version.

Looks like SD2 has some issues too. Damn…I hadn’t had to load the SD3 GUI up yet since I got C10.5 on Friday. I’ll need to go back to 10 until it’s sorted out…I wrote Toontrack also. So far no other plugins have been an issue, though.

SD3 works here.

OK, thanks…interesting.

Sd3 works fine here…as well as EZ drummer.

Well, duh.

If anyone is having issues with C10.5 and SD3, make sure you’re on the latest version of SD3. I thought I was but it turns out I wasn’t, and now that I am it all works perfectly.

No Problem here

works fine here

Back to poofing, unpredictably. I put it in the Issues forum – it’s a Mac CoreGraphics issue (what it says in the error reports), which is a known issue with 10.5. I’m betting it’s Mac only.