Anyone else liking Steinberg Padshop ?

Hey People,

Perhaps it’s the wrong forum, but has anybody checked out the new Steinberg Padshop demos ?
I have to say this thing sounds awesome and it looks like it’s gonna retail for around 50 euros.

There’s not that much detail about the software but I’m curious whether you can import your own
samples to be granularised…

Ok I just needed to vent my surprise and excitement over this very decent sounding new vst :smiley:



There’s a topic here:
And it also has its own forum in the VST section.

Ok, sorry lads, wrong forum… doh :confused:

Thanks to Strophoid for pointing me in the right direction

And equally no thanks to ‘thinking cap’ for their supercilious and downright
unnecessarily cynical and unhelpful remarks…

I merely got a little carried away with this lovely little plugin from
Steinberg… Sorry lads for the wrong placement of…


You´re welcome nevertheless…

That’s what I call a hair trigger.