Anyone else on Mac experience slow audio mix down?

It’s taking 3 minutes to mix down an piece to mp3. In windows I could do it in 30 seconds. What gives?

Cubase 7 latest 7.05 64bit
Mbp 2.7 ghz quad 16gb ram

SSD HD vs. something else? Different plugs? Differerent processor? Mac version not utilizing all the available cores?

Yep 500GB SSD hdd, a few plugins running, ozone on the mains, multi core processing enabled. Same exact type of arrangement rendered in <30 seconds in windows. What’s up with this 3 min headache?

It’s because of UAD . Grrrrr.

I feel ya. UAD and C7 are really not getting along too well. Shame, because I really can’t do without those plugins.

This has nothing to do with Cubase itself, this is related to the slow used DSPs in the UADs which are much slower than your CPU and/or system.
I am sorry but this behavior will last until UAD provides better hardware or native plug-in versions.

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I see. Thanks Marcus. Part of me wishes I hadn’t invested so heavily in UAD! Hopefully they will sort this out soon.

UAD plug-ins are worth it, they’re great. Plus, for me at least, I use outboard gear, so more often than not I render in real time anyway. But even if I didn’t, a little extra render time wouldn’t deter me from using some of the unique UAD plug-ins.