Anyone else really want cubase/Steinberg merch?

Pretty self explanatory. I want to wear cubase on my body…I can’t be the only one who wants that dom steez?….

I’ve asked this many times , my old mouse mats now reductant on the work bench

My 7.5 teeshirt is a little too small since the Pandemic :joy:

Come on Steiny i would buy a few C13 and Halion 7 Shirts instantly , i can go for weeks without changing the 7.5 , proper roady style :wink: ( No deodorant either ( joke ) )

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Not something I’m interested in

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That mousepad has lived

Best way , would you want your mouse mat go to mouse mat heaven without living a full to the max function life ? :crazy_face: :upside_down_face:

I do!! My dog eat my cubase cap…I really liked :cry: