Anyone Else? Two Issues: Solo, Window Maximising

Before I do a lot of digging on this, has anyone else noticed something ‘wrong’ with a couple of things in 7.5.1?


—For example, I’ll solo in the MIDI Editor and I’ll occasionally get nothing.

—Or I’ll solo a MIDI track in the Arranger and get a particular (unrelated) audio track.

—Or I’ll solo an audio track and get another audio track in the same Folder (but not soloed.)

Window Sizing

—I’ll open the Key Editor and it opens to full screen, even though I didn’t ask it to. I re-size it and then the Arranger is now maximised. Same with the Part Editor. They seem to be ‘forgetting’ or… ‘sharing’ the sizing within one another. Annoying

In both cases, it’s not constant, but it seems to have something to do with…
a) the size of the CPR… ie. the project gets large and flakey things start to happen

b) it only tends to happen to the -same- tracks, ie. when the solo also sounds another track it is often (but not always) the -same- track.

I chalked it up to user error for a good while, but after about the 100th time there’s something going on.

Anyone else?

Apparently not a platform-specific set of issues. I have bumped into the solo stuff and mystery resizing issues on 3 different Macs.