Anyone else using Behringer XR18 with Cubase?

I have the XR18 working as the audio interface for the most part.
But I haven’t found a way to route the XR18 effects buses such that they are controlled by the Cubase Control Room Monitor (CCRM). The XR18 Main volume is controlled by the CCRM when I route the XR Mains L&R to USB 17/18 but the effects are not heard. If I route the XR mains to either Monitor or Main L/R I hear the effects and the Cubase Mixer faders continue to work as they should but the CCRM has no affect on any thing.

Has anyone got this to work?

This won’t help your problem, but I am doing all my monitoring through the XR18 using the busses.
You can group eacn pair to be stereo, so I have 3 stereo monitor sends available. This works really well for me.
No latency

With help from the XR Air forum I was able to get the Control Room Monitor to work when FX from the XR are active. Here is how I set it up ------

-In/Out Tab -

Main Out: Main is set to Monitor

USB Sends: All are default Analog EXCEPT
FX 1L & 1R are set to Post Fader using USB 13 & 14 (of course could be any pair)
and Main L/R are USB 17 & 18

  • On the Mixer page I set FX 1 Fader as desired
    AND each instrument channel input is set to AD not USB

-On the FX 1 Mixer Page I set the Instruments tracks Faders as desired BUT
The FX all remain at -oo.

In Cubase I have an audio channel linked to XR18 ins 13 & 14.
This way the Cubase Control Room Monitor does control the overall volume of the Main Studio Monitors and efx, when used.

This would be repeated for each of the FX buses, if needed.

I still don’t understand why an insert still doesn’t work though, but at least I’m beginning to understand how this digital mixer works.

I have similar problem,
Mac, Latest os, Cubase 8
I can use the behringer xr 18 as soundcard with the computer but:
When i start cubase, No sound from cubase.
The settings in device looks correct.