Anyone else's steinberg ID not working?

I have now been through this cycle three times:

    1. I log in to steinberg.
  1. I go to the shop tab and select to upgrade to Dorico.
  2. Click to log in as an existing customer.
  3. The same password that just allowed me to log in on the steinberg homepage doesn’t work in the shop.
  4. Click “forgot password” and reset it with the special code just emailed to me. (Get special message saying "congratulations you can now use your new password / ID combo.)
  5. go back to shop and try to use the password I just created and get told it’s incorrect. (This is true even if I wait 10 minutes after the reset to try and log in again.)

What am I missing?

I also see that they are supposedly different steinberg accounts. I use a password manager (have for nearly two years) and there is no record of this separate account. There is also no way to reset this secondary account from the purchase page.

I just get a “barberpole” cycling endlessly when trying to log in. I can’t login, but there is no error message either - the page just “hangs”.

Update: after a seemingly odd delay, I received a secondary email that states “Please use the following login details to complete future orders.” So they’ve generated this secondary account for me. Wait a few mins and perhaps you’ll get one too. (If a member of the Dorico team checked on this manually, thank you.)

Update here: When logging in via Brave, the login dialog is superimposed on the page, and changes to a never-ending barberpole when pressing Enter. On Firefox (with NoScript), clicking on login opens a new page, and there the login process works. Perhaps it’s a JavaScript problem?

Update 2: Disabling Brave’s protection features allow the login process to go through.

The Steinberg online shop doesn’t use your MySteinberg account, I’m afraid: it’s a separate account. Unifying all the various accounts you need to use in different places is something we’re working on.

I get the same issue with uBlock Origin and NoScript enabled in Firefox. If you refresh the page, normally the page repopulates with your details and you can continue the checkout process.