Anyone ever use a 'vox removal' plug? And if so, which one?

Aloha guys,

Several days ago a prospective client brought in
3 completed CD’s.

All 3 are sax instrumental tunes (ala Kenny G/Grover Washington).

The client was happy with the CD’s but found the solo saxes
in all the songs a lil ‘hot’.

The potential project is to lower the sax(es) about 2-4 db in the mix.

Normally (and I might still have to do it this way) I would grab a trusty
EQ and begin to ‘carve out’ the sax and attempt to lower those frequencies a bit.

But then I thought about a vox removal tool.
Not to completely remove the sax but just to lower it a few db.

I have not had any experience with using a plug like this so my thought
was to ‘go to the well’ and ask all the users here.

Any thoughts/suggestions/tips etc would be great!

A major mahalo and TIA (thanks in advance)

if you have isotope ozone, try that. it has middle/side processing where you can lower the level/eq of centre channel. ik multimedia t-racks eqs and compressors also do this. I use ozone for this kind of thing. alternatively, if you have melodyne editor you could go in and individually lower levels, but isolation of individual notes isn’t possible if other instruments play same pitch at same time… ed

Aloha e,
and a major Mahalo for your post.

I would have never thought of that.

I do have the T-Racks Vintage Comp 670
and once I read your post everything just fell into place.

Using the mid/side feature I was able to very gently ‘push’ the sax(es)
back into the mix quite a bit without mucking up the rest of the music.

But no need to go so far.

As I posted, a couple/few dbs would do it
and it worked!.

Playback in mono also sounds fine
(so far I have only done one song as a ‘test’).

I will finish up the rest of this project in no time now.

Thanks again eddie for your suggestion.


excellent, glad it helped. I have been guilty of under-using t-racks simply because I used to use uad a lot and now I like my nomad factory stuff. but since buying the british and white channels recently I really like them and will use t-racks more often in mixes. ed