Anyone ever use Sony CD Architect?

Just curious to see how works as a basic CD creator and simple mastering.

Yes we use CD Architect.
We also use Wavelab.

WE mainly use CD Architect when we want a CD to contain CD-Text. WL-5 does not support CD-Text properly on our system. As far as creating basic CDs is concerned it is pretty easy. You import tracks into the project, it automatically sets track start and end markers for each piece of audio. I have not use it for mastering.

In truth we do not use but a few features in either WL-5 or CD-Architect, we master in Nuendo, and use WL-5 or CD-Architect mostly for Audio CD pressing.

If you have specific questions I can try to answer those.
Let me know,

Great thanks alot Brain. I haven’t installed it yet, and I am interested in Wavelab too. I just want to start with something basic and understand the link between recording-mastering and final CD.
I probably will have some questions for you, thanks.

I use it, too…if You have question? :slight_smile: