anyone find the control room and UR824 confusing?

I have found out that it may not be possible to use the UR824 mixer and cubase at the same time. I am finding it very confusing how I create headphone mixes in the control room in cubase. How do you get the inputs to the headphones and to the reverb in the ur824?

took me a while you have to use a mixture of VST Connections and the Audio Hardware Setup both from the devices menu. Perhaps my setup may help you.

First in Audio HW Setup
Phones 1 - Mix 3 - I use this one in the control room
Phones 2 - Mix 2 - This is used by the musicians in the studio (i.e. see VST connection below it is their own mix based on studio send 2

Also in Audio HW setup but under Output Routing
Line out 1/2 are connected to my monitors and receive MIX 4
I have a second pair of monitors that receive same mix on Line Out 5/6
Line out 3/4 are to another headphone mixer for the musicians this receives MIX 2 (see the studio 2 below)
The other line outs go to a patch bay for routing to external effects and then back in on dedicated inputs

In VST Connections for Studio I setup following Bus/Device Port
Studio 1 - MIX 1 nb gets input via studio sends only - I use this as the headphone mix for the musicians (while playing in the control room i.e. DI)
Studio 2 -MIX 2 nb gets input via studio sends only - This goes to another headphone amp for the musicians
Phones - MIX 3 note as this is not based on Studio sends the mix is the same as the main monitors it just that Cubase doesnt allow port sharing on outputs
Main Monitors - MIX 4

I found once I throught through the chain it made sense sort of.

The Chain
VST Studio Bus receives a MIX depending on the type of VST Studio bus this can be from studio sends.
(rule a mix can only be assigned to a single VST Bus)

These mixes can now be monitored in the control room mixer

The mixes can then also be sent to physical outputs on the UR824 via the Audio Hardware Setup
The phones and Line out can receive any of the mixes and mixes can be sent to multiple physical outputs)

you use the studio sends(the little star icon) to send audio from your tracks to the control room sends,and you use the hardware panel/menu on the input channels to send reverb/fx on your inputs.