Anyone find the new C13 left panel is reducing their MixConsole use?

Looking at YouTubes, etc., it seems their is redundancy between the two.

Is it enough to stay in the project window pretty much all the time now?

This query is mainly addressed to those who used the MixConsole extensively in C12. I know there are some folks who didn’t use it even there!

Thank you :blush:

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(Has anyone found that the new left-hand C13 control panel restricts the use of the MixConsole?)

Hi alexis,
as I work with several monitors and have a reasonably decent PC, I have not noticed any restrictions in my work so far.
Best regards Stefan

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at first i thought the new left panel is useless, but nowaday i actually use it alot, especially on Virtual instruments, when i have the midi track selected as active track, i have the audio output showing on the left side and can work on all the insert / send FX at the same time. thats pretty neat.

in the C12 and before, i did use the volume fader at the inspector panel quite abit , but if you have lots of categories open already, you would need to scroll down, and then again scroll up to change different parameters, but now in C13 i have it always shown and now need for scrolling.
and i really love the huge fader, haha :smiley:
on a sidenote, i wish the volume fader on the regular inspector view would be scalable in size.

during composition and pre-production ,the new panel fits me great and i will use mix console less.
but when i´m actually doing mixing, i still more using the mixconsole as i often need to balance tracks with each other and also do want to see more channels than just one

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I think you have to consider the different user groups for an program that is nearing 30 years old.

Some uaers are on a small laptop. Other’s are on multiple video displays using the 4 mix consoles plus workspaces and controlled by Metagrid or something similar.

A lot of users are somewhere in between.

There is no redundancy here. If there were, i would address it via a workspace.

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I have a big monitor and don´t use the new left panel at all…

I have two 30“ monitors but I use it more and more.

First thing I did when it was introduced was hide it.

I’ve got 4 monitors and love the new panel. Mostly because whatever fader shows up there is what a hardware fader on my desk is currently controlling. The only other thing I want there is the little EQ Curve which expands when clicked on - again with hardware mapping for the EQ Controls

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