Anyone found a WL friendly usb burner ??

I have my Daw in another room, and all cables thru the wall … have done for many years & all works great. The only problem I’ve had is with Wavelab not liking external drives … so I have to go next door to put blanks into the internal CD burner.
So (3 years ago) I invested in an LG BDRW usb drive … which has worked great with 2 different operating systems (windows) and has accepted everything I throw at it, from any program, except Wavelab.
When any new update or version of WL comes along I’ll try it again, but always get a coaster.
Now trying with WL8, and for the first time it IS actually burning a CD as I type … though it’s reporting 7 hours left & 0.10 X speed !!
So, I searched the forum to see if USB CD has been discussed much, but couldn’t find anything.
Had anybody, please, found a model of external Burner (preferably BD / DVD / CD compatible) that Wavelab (8) is happy with (Under windows 8, 64 bit).

There is a cable length limitation for USB…maybe that’s what’s causing your issue since Wavelab does verification…
Have you tried a USB HUB?

Interesting thought, thanks. The current cable isn’t actually super long … a metre maybe … but I guess I could try another newer cable in case it’s a bit naff !!
Do you have a Usb burner that works OK with wavelab then ??

I have both a Plextor Premium and Premium II in an external enclosure (can’t remember the name but very generic enclosure) that work well. I used to have them connected to my Mac Pro via FireWire 400 but eventually just started connecting via USB for some reason. I think it was because PlexTools didn’t like the FW connection, and I could also free up a PCIe slot by not using a PCIe slot for the FW ports.

Anyway, I’ve found both WL7 and WL8 to work well with my external USB CD Burner. There are too many variables to know for sure where the problem is for you.

Yes. Thanks for your thoughts.
I feel Wavelab has just never “Got On” with the LG drive.
I can burn data DVDs & audio CDs from windows.
I can save a DDP image from WL, and this will burn fine with other software.
Any how … the latest is … I just burnt my first ever audio cd on this drive using Wavelab 8 !!
I got a short Usb cable, plugged it into my (recently acquired) Usb3 card in my Daw … and tried burning a data DVD from windows 8 first. That went fine.
Loaded WL8 & thought I’d rip an audio cd using the LG & WL8 first, then try burning it again.
Trying to Rip, when I select the LG drive as source, wavelab instantly crashes (while reading isrc codes I think ?)
I tried 5 times with reboots & WL8 crashes the same every time.
So I did the rip using my internal trusty Pioneer burner.

For a giggle I tried burning from WL8 using the LG … and lo & behold it only blooming worked !!

As Usb burners do seem to work for some, and as they aren’t too expensive, I’ve just ordered a Samsung Usb DVD burner to see how I get on with that.
I’ll keep ye posted. Thanks again.

FYI I am using a Samsung SE-208AB/TSBS External DVD-Writer which works just fine which comes with an ultra short cable

Check out this mini hub as well

Ah good news … the one I have on order is the SE–218BB/RSBS… I guess if yours works, mine should too ???
Out of stock till July 5th so I’ll report back soon after. Thanks all.

Hi …

We have found Pioneer premiums work very well with WL8.

Like you, the machine is in next room (machine room). Cable length no issue.