Anyone get Bluetooth/Wireless Headphones to work????

i just got some great Bluetooth headphones and was psyched to use them in the studio…

After hours of testing aggregate devices etc… i cant get them to work in cubase. Specifically, I cant get them to work with my Scarlett 2i4 I/O and external speakers i have set through that…

Does anyone have a fix for this? Anyone mixing AND recording effectively with BT headphones?

I’ve killed too many hours trying to get this working Cubase badasses - PLEASE help :slight_smile:

MacBook Pro
Cubase 9.5
Sony XM3 wirelless phones

Aggregate Device Jpgs:

VST Device Set up JPGS:

try this… right click on “your aggregate device” and choose use this device for sound output…
hope this helps…

Its odd i’m on windows and cubase used to work fine with my BT headphones and receiver. all of a sudden it stopped working one day, my BT devices dont show up anymore. I called support, they said “Cubase doesn’t support Bluetooth?” WTF its 2019 people?

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I managed to do it by using Voicemeter. You go into studio setup and output through the virtual aux input into voicemeter. Then pair headphones with computer and make them the output on voicemeter

Can you show us how on step by step i try on MacBook seen not work

I managed to make this work in Cubase 12 under Studio Setup.
Under ASIO driver I could select my Bluetooth headphone

I wonder how the headphones latency will be reported to Cubase, unless it has a dedicated driver like in the picture above, but many don’t. When using aggregate device I’m afraid it won’t be able to report latency, that’s okay for mixing, but totally not when it comes to recording.

Windows 11:
Studio Setup - Generic Low Latency Asio Driver
Reset All Ports

This method works but the problem is the Sample Rate. I usually work in 48000 but my Bose QC45 bluetooth headphones only work in 44100, so when I playback in Cubase everything sounds like a Nickelback song, like two tones lower. You gotta downsample it order to have it play right, but that of course means degrading the quality of the audio.

Anyone have a suggestion to solve this?