Anyone got an NI Komplete Kontrol S49?

If you have can you answer a quick couple of questions?

How far do the feet protrude from the base and can they be removed?

Fancy one of these but my under desk drawer is about 4mm less than the depth of the S49, going from the spec sheet on their site and I can’t squeeze any more room out of it!


I have S25 and S61, I guess the feet are the same on S49. (I have Mk I, I don’t know if the feet are different on Mk II )

The feet are just rubber pads that seems to be glued on (and should be able to be removed with some force). The rubber pads are 5 mm thick whereof about 2 mm protrude from the base.

I have S49 Mk2 and they’re about 4mm and look like they would come off easily. There appears to be a plastic surround that they locate into which is 0.5mm, so you would be left with that.

Go full screen on the image, it’s high resolution (ignore the dust lol).

What is the actual height that you have available? And does it wobble when you slide it in/out? The knobs would be my main concern if they got caught.
However, it may be possible to replace them with shorter ones?

It’s very hard to measure the total height - as the knobs are the highest point but they’re not near the edge to put a ruler by them, but i’d say without the feet you’re looking at around 78-79mm.

Thank you guys that’s appreciated!
While you have the ruler out ski their site says it is 84 mm high, I presume that’s including the knobs?
I have 80mm so it will be very tight!

I can’t drop the height of the drawer any lower because it’s already resting on my legs when I’m at the desk.

Just seen your edit, thanks for the extra info!

No probs, and yes that’s incredibly tight… You got around 1mm to play with. Hopefully your drawer is quite even when it slides in/out. lol