Anyone got Soundly spotting into Nuendo?


As awesome as the Mediabay is, I was just wondering if anyone has Soundly running and working. The cloud library is pretty good, but the sport importing unfortunately doesn’t seem to work. Did anyone run into this? Soundly has been given full access everywhere in system preferences I think. I spoke to them and they don’t have a clue. Running Mac OS 12.6 and Nuendo 12.0.4.

Would appreciate a second look, thanks!

Spotting from Soundly works perfectly for me! Make sure you click on the bottom half of a track before spotting, not the top half with the range tool. Want to click on a track with the normal selection tool

I’m on Windows though


WOW thank you :rofl: Even Soundly support wasn’t able to catch that. Huge improvement in workflow thank you!!!

Tried everything, no luck!

Yeah for sure! I hit up Soundly about it too before I figured it out myself and they had no idea with me either.

Also spotting works fine here, on Nuendo 11

works fine here.