Anyone got the Chrome/Android version of IC Pro to work?

In light of the iOS issues and no fix in sight at the moment, I tried to get the Chrome/Android/Beta version of IC Pro working. No go. I type in the address and nothing happens…Screen just stays blank I had the same problem the last time I tried to get it working, but the iPad version was functional at that point, so I didn’t bother spending time trying to get the Chrome version working. Has anyone got this version to work at all? Everything is definitely connected to my network properly, as my remote apps for other programs on the same machine work fine.

Same problem here, it just gives a 404 status code when trying to connect to the given URL…
In the Requirements it says that “An existing license of Cubase iC Pro Android” is needed:

I sure don’t have one, but as it’s discontinued, I’m not sure how to get one. Any advice from Steinberg here? Would be happy to test the beta and contribute!

FYI - I put in a support ticket with Steinberg regarding purchasing a IC Pro for Android license, and was told they don’t handle licensing. Everything relative to IC Pro for Android is handled by the developers on this forum. I started a new thread this morning asking about purchasing a license.

Would love to know as well. Mine worked fine on my android tablet for a long time. Then stopped so I uninstalled and went to reinstall and found that it was no longer available on the play store. Tried installing the unsupported version as per instructions on this forum and no luck. Gave up and using an iPad now. Sadly this is no longer working with the latest iOS update. Real bummer for people who have come to rely on this in their workflow.

What is this Android beta you speak of? Is this the same one Steinberg abandoned years ago (yet did not refund the money to the gullible individuals who paid for its development and were left high and dry)? If so, why would anyone want to throw even more money at them?

I have a license but haven’t attempted to use it in years. Even on a 1920x1200 screen you’re forced to use the smartphone GUI.