Anyone got time Allignment (vocalign style) to work?

I have tried multiple times with a variety of content and the time Allignment is not working properly. Not once. I copy what they do in the video and do it like I would use vocalign and so far the visuals never match the audio waveform in the session and the parts never long up accurately (at all). Bug or user error?

I tried to use it with a mainvocal and a backing vocal. It did align properly, but it ‘ruined’ my backingtrack. Clicks and pops in it…

Of course ‘ruined’ is relative with Cubase, but everything is non-destructive, but the new function has not worked for me (yet).

Haven’t used it in a real world case yet but tested with adequate events - same words, similar length, inaccurate timing. Worked well so far (while not being clear about what the two given options really mean, to be explored…).

Same for me. Clicks and pops. Doesn’t align the parts orrectly in most cases. Even parts that are really close already, it pushes them out worse than the original. Plus the fact that it tries to align the whole track instead of just the selected parts renders it a mostly useless feature for me at the moment.

I’m sure there are some problems. Even very intuitive and easy vocal tracks could not aligned properly.
Rather, it makes more mess than the original.

Huh - worked fine for me following the steps in the video.

One of the ‘new’ things I was most looking forward to trying and unfortunately, I have to agree.

Unlike in Greg’s demo video, where it was clearly the same (male) vocalist singing multiple parts (which turned out impressive results I must say), I tried it on a band’s six-part vocal performance - 2 female and 4 male - where I wanted to ‘tighten up’ the chorus sections. Sadly, it just didn’t work out well. Even just trying it on the males then the females.

Ok, wasn’t totally expecting VocAlign Pro type results, but thought I’d at least see a useful workflow tweak out of it…Oh well, Melodyne Studio, with its multitrack handling, has been a massive help lately. When ARA2 comes on-line, maybe I’ll be sorted…

I’ve only tried it once so far (with two vocal takes of the same line/same vocalist) and it didn’t work very well. On the bright side though, now that we can view multiple audio files overlayed in the editor, doing vocal alignment manually is MUCH quicker and easier. Also, due to the fact that the alignment feature inserts warp points that can then be edited manually, it is at least possible to go and refine the alignment yourself.

I’m having about a 50% success rate with it myself. I haven’t really found anything consistent that makes it act up, which is frustrating.

Works like a charm :slight_smile:

I tested it a couple of times and the results were very disappointing.

Since my first post above, I have tried this with some other vocal files and the results were disappointing frankly. The tool does do some shifting around, but not with anything like the kind of accuracy you want.

I guess this is why ReVoice/VocAlign Pro is expensive, dedicated kit.

Steinberg are try to make Cubase a Jack of all tricks, but master of … ?

Hi - could you recap your workflow on this, with a bit more detail please…?

Where do you ‘Overlay’ and in what ‘Editor’…? Are you talking about manually aligning in the Sample Editor.? How do you ‘Overlay’ files in that…? I can load a number of files into it, sure, but am only ever able to edit (view) one at a time it seems…

Do you mean the Audio Part Editor perhaps.? With me, as soon as I convert ‘Events to Part’ I lose all the Audio Alignment hitpoint info…

Thank you for any extra info.

Damn that feature was pretty the single reason for me to upgrade

Yes it had a big influence on me upgrading as well.

Same here!

Try this, guys.

copy the same audio event on two different tracks.
Unalign them slightly

Use the function. That’s right, it won’t work properly even with identical events!

I got it working 1 time out of ten, in the context of back-vocal alignments, but that’s only one of the scenarios when I want this function to work properly.

So basically all the reviewers who showed us this in demos on youtube… LIED! Non of them claimed it wasn’t very good and all of them praised it. I haven’t tried it yet, other issues but this has seriously put a dent in my opinion on a lot of youtubers.

It’s in the standard audio editor. There’s a button up the top. I did make a request here on the forum to make it a short cut key choice (no one commented in that thread I suspect they will implement it but haven’t had time to yet.

We can also have the midi overlaid in the audio part, which was another feature I’d mentioned wanting