anyone had problems with parallel 32/64 bit C6 installation?

Hi guys,
I am having massive troubles after moving from my old XP system to my new Win7(64) system. I installed Cubase 6 32bit and the 64bit version as well, I read that this is possible and should cause no troubles. Then I installed my plugins (which is a pain because at least 5 different copy protection types are running, e-licenser, ilok2, codemeter, waves license center, native instruments service center…). Was not easy to get it all running. Then I copied my ControlRoom preset file the according folder of the Cubase32 installation.
Now I have troubles like this:
1 - Some plugins are simply not found by Cubase (even though they are in the right folders that are on Cubase´s list) - like the VST2 versions of SSL Duende native. It only lists the VST3 versions. Eventide Blackhole plugin, not showing up…

2 - Some plugins pop up with resetted settings or wrecked settings when I open up saved projects from my old XP system.

3 - Some plugins have greyed-out parameters like Cubase´s own bypass button and more. For example Antares MicMod does not do anything and most parameters are greyed out and non accessible.

4 - some plugins work but after saving, closing and reopening the project their settings are totally off and/or they are not even passing audio, muting the signal. I get this for example with Waves WNS all the time.

5 - When starting Cubase, the control room section does sometimes load the right settings (the ones it was closed with before) and sometimes another preset. The preset list of the control room section is way too long with multiple entries of each saved preset etc…

Does anyone have an idea what could be the cause of my ill Cubase installation? And what could be the cure?
Thanks a lot,

ps - the PC is from pc audio specialists so that is unlikely the problem. I am using Cubase 6.5 which I updated to 6.5 from a 6.2 version. I do not necessarily need the 64 version installed, I want to use the 32bit version for sure to be compatible with old cubase sessions and plugins.

I have both Cubase 6.5 32 and 64 bits versions running here without problems, so it should also be your case. One thing after the other, I would first deactivate the control room completely : it will be time to look more closely at it once your plug-ins are functional… Few things to check at first :

  1. What are, in the ‘Plug-ins information’ window, ‘VST plug-ins’ pane, the plug-ins missing in the list ?

  2. What is the path used for each plug-in actually listed ? If you use the 32 bits version of Cubase, they should be, by default, in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VSTPlugIns one.

  3. Using the ‘VST2 plug-ins paths’ button, which paths are displayed here ? Check that all paths of your plug-ins supposed to be used are listed there. Otherwise, add the missing ones.

  4. Do you have ‘vstpresets’ involved ? If so, you’ll have to do a rescan of all the involved locations with Mediabay.

Be also sure that the ASIO driver for your audio device is the right one in the ‘Device setup’ window, ‘VST audio system’ entry. Check also that all the ASIO in/out pairs are correctly routed in the ‘VST connections’ window, ‘Inputs’/‘Outputs’ panes.

I don’t know if this will be of any help, but I needed to re-install both versions of cubase 6 (64 &32 bit) as the permissions in the “programs” and the “programsx86” folders which my system would not let me change, wouldn’t allow either version of cubase access all the presets and VST sounds. I ended up installing the two versions in two folders in the root directory of the C drive in two folders which were aptly named.

I am in the awkward position where I am having beginner type problems quite a bit at the moment, and have more problems than solutions.

After some days of trying out things I have solved my problems. The cause was quite unusual, it´s the usb dongle hub combination that caused all this. I had a “dongle hub” with elicenser, ilok, ilok2 and ssl codemeter dongle connected to my main usb hub. I then connected the dongle hub directly to a usb-port of the pc and the problems were gone after reinstalling everything. needle in the haystack.

Ah yes, that’s a known problem but for some people it works fine :confused: