Anyone has expression maps for Orchestral Tools?

Did anyone make some expression maps for OT libraries Brass and Perc? Asides from the Cubase Expression Maps that steinberg offers.

Welcome to the forum, @Keyboards. As far as I know, no such expression maps exist at the moment. If you do create some yourself, please consider sharing them with others in the community.

Orchestral Tool’s new SINE Player seems to be very powerful, but creating Ex Maps is difficult – or rather creating shareable Ex Maps is difficult – because you can select a group of samples from a library and remap them to use Key Switches, or CCs, or Program Changes, or MIDI Channels. So every setup is unique.

I bought their LA Sessions Studio Violins, which were cheap, just to see how they worked. The Sustain is (by default) bleeding into the next note, and I can’t see of way of reducing the Release/Decay. I’m sure it’s there somewhere, as it seems to have controls for everything.

I’m tempted to buy their forthcoming “Miroire” Baroque Orchestra. You can at least get a refund in 14 days, unlike other libraries.

Is anyone else using Orchestral Tools libraries?

I just bought their Duplex Saxophones a week or so ago. Written documentation for them seems non-existent and it seems like they want you to watch videos to figure it out. I just haven’t had time yet to watch the videos and take notes.

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I’ve tried to find manuals for OT libraries to get an idea of how they work but gave up. If there is virtually no documentation even when you buy a product, other than video tutorials, then I wouldn’t touch their stuff with a bargepole despite a significant presence in the market and some undoubted strengths. I find the website also chaotic and unordered but it could be just me.

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There is documentation for the SINE Player, which covers most aspects. You don’t need so much documentation for the libraries, because you set up what KSes each sample uses.
I’ve been spending the last few days getting the hang of how it all works – using my one Violin instrument! – and getting some reasonable results.

At the very least, I’ve got Dorico playing it back with an Ex map!

Consequently, I’ve pre-ordered their Baroque Orchestra library, and hoping that I’ll be able to get some really nice results. We shall see!

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