Anyone have a fix for disappearing CD drives

Hi, haven’t posted for a very long time! Am coming up against the bug where CD and DVD drives disappear on windows installs if you update from 10.0.40 to 10.0.50 or 10.0.60. It’s easy enough to get them back with a small trick in the registry. However, if you remain on 10.0.50 or 10.0.60 wavelab can’t see the drives even though the system can again. So at the moment I’m stuck on the old version because I do need to use my CD burner from time to time. Anyone have a workaround to get to the latest and greatest wavelab but retain all your optical drives? thanks si

OMG. They still haven’t fixed the burner issue? I’m outta here.

Is this a solution "?
Look at No burners available to write D - #4 by munchkin


The last time I literally had to uninstall the WL demo to get my computer to recognize my burner again. I was hoping for a fix this last update. Nope. It’s OK, though; I have options.

Install the driver pack from Driver updates - GEAR Software
It’s all!

I’d need a bit more info before installing something like that!

Hi Steven, I’m on a PC so that isn’t quite the same problem I’m having… Thanks.

Can I give you some kind of guarantee or screenshot? My system is highly optimized. I had the same problem and it was solved with Gear drivers. The developer is 100% secure.

Hello, if the CD/DVD burning issue still appears, please do following:

  • Uninstall any Wavelab 10 version from your Windows system
  • Download from the SDA (Steinberg Download Assistant) the Full Installer of Wavelab 10.0.40
  • Install the Wavelab 10.0.40 derivate version
  • Use then the update installer of Wavelab 10.0.60
  • Start Windows 10 again

Hello Kay, I had the same advice from Uwe on Steinberg staff, but that does not work. The solution is as above - you have to install the Gear ASPI driver after your drives disappear and then they come back. Hope this gets fixed in future updates. No combination of installing 10.0.50 or 10.0.60 is fixable without the Gear software. The problem lies in the Steinberg updates sadly.

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hi dixieland, i took the plunge and installed the Gear ASPI driver. thanks you were totally correct.