Anyone have a machine with an i7-4960X 6 core?

Looking to build a new machine, and although I am not keen on spending a grand on a CPU, I am considering it. Anyone have a machine that has this CPU? Thoughts? Big difference over the last one you had?

Thanks in advance.

I have an i7 3820, I built a new PC after the motherboard failed on my old core 2 quad build, I made the mistake of not checking the exact pci slot descriptions on the new motherboard, so unfortunately my soundcard wouldn’t slot in and couldn’t get hold of a good sound card which would. Luckily I have a Roland Quad Capture which does the job fine.

The i7 3820 is easily more than I need to run Cubase and most other applications. So unless you already have all the other equipment that you want to make music with and don’t feel you need a big SSD or a very expensive sound card (which makes more difference once you have a good enough processor anyway), and you want to spend some money, then go ahead and buy the CPU, I would.