Anyone have a motu 828 es and could helm me through the fog?

Hi Guys !
i know this has been an ongoing thing for new motu users but i am not having much luck in searching for Cubase Friendly help on the web.
i have just migrated to Motu from my trusty 18i20 (1st gen).
although i had no trouble with my scarlet i needed to upgrade so the 18i20 along with my 01v96 are now I/O for the motu.

i need help with the routing and making sense of the different language used from motu as compared to my focus rite :slight_smile:
b4 my i/o was simply displayed as out / in/analog/ adat.
now i have multi out usb etc
i finaly got things kind of cubase ready only to find when i opend the daw no sound…untill i chronologicly found that the output i was looking for is in fact this multi usb 21+21 ???
wtf … how are you supposed to get used to that in a hurry ? :slight_smile:
i dont know of any motu users who are unhappy with their unit(s) so its a case of getting used to it …
but i am clueless after spending two days moving squares in the matrix from a-z and renaming busses and I/O i am more confused than ever
anyone have a preset or two they could point me two so i can do what i do best …learning on the job…
cubase 11 pro
my i/o will be (i hope)
24 ins via adat and analog
i want to send 1x8 adat outs to my scarlet to use for cue mixes and later 8x adat to the yamaha to use for whatever
i am syncing through the spdf .motu>Scarlet>01v96