Anyone have Cubase 6 AND SX3 on Win7 64-bit?

I’ve been going around in circles even after contacting Steinberg support.

Bottom line is that even though I am a legitimate owner of SX3 (actually all the way back to SX1) and the new eLicense shows that I am, I get the error message on install of SX3 as shown as the first screenshot at the page I created for my support ticket at Steinberg on this and another issue (link included at end here).*** ***

My old faithful workhorse XP system’s mobo or CPU died back in May of this year and so it was time to build a new system. You can see my system specs at the page mentioned too.

*** *** This “another issue” being the reason why I want SX3 installed also: older basic FX such as Reverb A, Q, Double-Delay and such in projects created in SX3 aren’t “translated” into the new VST3 versions of the same type of native FX. Meaning that I have to go and re-calibrate all these effects from scratch - and mostly as guesstimates. Tedious and prone to never getting the exact settings again…

But if I could open a project in an independent instance of SX3 on one monitor, I could at least visually match the original SX3 settings in the new Cubase 6 version of it in the other monitor.

Q: Has anyone successfully installed both Cubase 5 and SX3 on their Windows 7 system – if so how did you do it?

Thanks for any solutions to this.

My self-created “support” page with all the gnarly details on all of this…

I have both installed without problems, but I installed SX3 a long time ago and I don’t remember exactly how I did it. I think I used a series of files found in Steinberg’s FTP, since I don’t own the original discs:

As I said, both versions work like a charm in my W7 64 bit, except for one warning that shows upon the program start, regarding “VSTDX.DLL” which I don’t use.

OK, thanks. I’ll try one or more of the update versions and see if it will work.

In your case on your system, did you have SX3 already installed before you installed 6? If so, maybe that’s why it worked. I’m doing the reverse. Though I could just uninstall both and start with SX3 but as per Stenberg support, they say there are no updates for SX3 that work on Win7. The problem lies in the eLicense - the one fired up during SX3 install is the old logo and it probably freaks out seeing its “future” version and just can’t compute.

Whatever the case, I’ll see what I can or cannot do. If I can get my old Pentium 4 with XP SP2 working again, I may be able to install SX3 on it but this is now getting a bit complicated… lol.

I had this problem recently when doing a clean install to a new SSD. I forgot about backing up the SX plugins I like to use.
The new eLicenser with Cubase 6 will not let you install the old Syncrosoft SX3 one.
What I did was:

  1. Uninstall new eLicenser software.
  2. Now install SX3 and updates.
  3. Uninstall Syncrosoft license software.
  4. Re-install new eLicenser software.
  5. Done :smiley:

Of course! because Cubase 6 is new, but before that I had Cubase 4 and Cubase 5. In fact I’ve had all the versions installed at the same time, each one working without problems.

Try installing SX3 from the updates found in Steinbgerg’s FTP. However you may not have all the plugins since it’s not a complete installation.

All the FX you are listing are legacy Plugins, which don´t get installed by default anymore since version 4 or 5. You´ll have to in stall them by hand. Have you done that…?

Yes - by copying them over to Cubase 6’s VSTPlugins folder, but Cubase 6 doesn’t recognize them: see screenshots on this at my page mentioned above – the large multiple screenshots. Older third party VSTs are recognized, i.e. the “Classic Equalizer” seen one of these screenshots.

My guess why Cubase 6 doesn’t recognize the SX3 native Steinberg FX is that they are part of Cubase itself, not separate .dll or other files such as third party ones -they are wired into the core Cubase program itself. In short, a programming issue.

But from a user standpoint it makes no sense:
– Older or legacy third-party FX, OK.
– Legacy Strindberg ones, not-OK.

Hun? :o)

No, they aren´t they are separate dlls like all the others. I´m using them myself in C 5 / XP by simply having copied the folder which downloaded from the Steinberg ftp into the VST Plugins folder. Maybe something to do with 64 bit, or win 7…

Those plugins all work here on Win 7 64bit, Cubase 6 32 and 64.
Once you’ve copied the .dll files over should all work.
There are a few very old plugins that do not work with Cubase 6 64bit.
Are the plugins available when you open a new Cubase 6 project?

all I did was copy the dll files of reverb a and b and delay and double delay from the old sx3 vst plugins made a folder in cubase 6,vst plugins and called it old sx3 plugins pasted them in loaded up c6 and presto their they were.i dont use them anymore but a good way to call up older projects with fx and their settings…i know this offers no solution but at least u know it will work.

Thanks to all for further replies.

Looks like the plugins – and hopefully re-installation – solution lies in the Steinberg FTP folders suggested. I’ve got other life stuff to deal with so have to postpone trying this all out but will report back in due course once I have done so. At least there some hope.

It’s funny and/or sad how users can sometimes be a bit more creative with workarounds than official software support (Steinberg support never mentioned the ftp stuff - or at least this particular guy didn’t know about it). If I pull it off, I’ll let them know so as to tell the next person who contacts them with this type of dilemma).

Hallefreakin’lullia for user forums… :o)