Anyone have MR816s working under Cubase 8.5 and Windows 10?

Just wondering if it’s just me…
I can’t get my system to function reliably. Running Cubase Pro 8.5.15 under W10Pro/64. Computer specs in my sig. I keep getting random audio dropouts and peaking on my Cubase VST meter. The machine is (I believe) fully optimized for DAW use. This happens when Cubase is open, even when no project is loaded. It craps out on a single instance of Omnisphere.
LatencyMonitor shows occasional page faults, but the top 2 meters never go above 35us and it should easily handle audio. But no, I’m randomly getting VST peaks. See the attachment…
Calls for tech support have been useless.
Any suggestions?

Sorry I have no answer as to what is the problem.
Just chipped in to tell you that I´m using W10, Cubase pro 8.5.20 and 2 MR816 CSX´s and not having this problem.

Might be helpful in narrowing down where it´s going wrong.

Assuming you have tested increasing your ASIO buffer sizes and still are having issues, try this:

Thanks guys. I’ve done all the normal and super-normal stuff. Buffers, optimized bios, everything. No joy :frowning:

its ok in my system…
did you install the legacy FW driver ?
i downloaded it somewhere from Microsoft site,there was only for win8 if im not wrong, but it works also for win10,at least here

Did you find that the legacy driver helped? I am hesitant about installing it

Yep… Only with legacy driver MR works without drops in my system

Me, too.

I had this problem on Win8.1 and installing the legacy drivers totally fixed my dropouts. Unfortunately I got ambushed by Win10 and when it had finished upgrading my dropouts were back.

I went into the Device Manager and made sure the firewire devices were using the legacy driver but i still had dropouts.

Since I read that this should be working I persevered and re-tried the instructions for installation so I double-clicked the .inf file for the driver (still in the same installation location as before on Win8.1) to re-install it and then manually updated the firewire drivers again. When updating the devices i got a message that said they were already up to date however I seem to be getting good results. I’ve played a few tracks and not experienced any dropouts so fingers crossed that re-installing the driver did the trick.

I wonder if the Win10 upgrade crippled the Win8 driver install so it didn’t work even though it thought it was working fine?

Further to this I’ll say that my dropouts returned next time i started Windows so it was probably something else. I’ve tried all sorts of stuff and audio still drops out. On the plus side it doesn’t seem to affect recording.

Today though Windows installed some updates and it’s even worse than before! It’s also worth noting that when it updated it also removed the Legacy FW drivers so they needed adding again.

I think I’m going to have to do a completely fresh re-install of Windows. Apparently if you do that you can use your Win8.1 key to activate Win10. If that doesn’t do it I think I’ll go back to Win8.1 as that worked really well.

I suppose on the plus side i needed to install a bigger system drive anyway so I can kill two birds with one stone.


Let me suggest connecting the power connector of the firewire card with the PC power supply.

On the steinberg support page it sayssome set ups are best downgrading windows to 8.1