Anyone having a problem changing meter coloring?

hmmm… now that you mention it I just realized that my colors menu is lacking the option to change the meters colors…
for customizing the console I only have an option to change colors of track types and/or racks.
Lets hope for the next update !



Oh boy - what a stupido I am …

Easy, now! It’s early! :wink:


I am not–it’s working well here.


No problems here neither

Works for me too - the only bit not working here is the ability to save - and reload - just the meter prefs as “save selected only” does not seem to work

Try trashing prefs before a reinstall.
Move any older version prefs out of their usual location to stop them being used as a base point, delete the N6 prefs completely & relaunch - this will build everything from new.

Strange indeed.
I did find that the best way to make the new colours “take” is to not hit OK, but to left-click in the “new colour” box once you set the RGB values…does this work?
Adding new pointers is an Alt-Click, from memory