Anyone having experience with the THX Spatial Creator Plugin?

Hello to fellow users here :wave:

I am trying the THX Spatial Creator by Plugin Alliance,

Does anyone know how to use it on stereo channels?

I opened an instrument track (I’m on Cubase 11) , went on the inserts and added the effect, but it doesn’t sound right, it sounds mono and bizarre, nasal and kind of out of phase.

Anyone has any suggestions?


The optimal way to create a high-quality binaural mix is to individually process each of the tracks in your mix using a single instance of the plugin. You can place the plugin on an individual channel, or an entire buss, either mono or stereo, but note that the signal is downmixed to mono so that the sound source can be placed in a discrete location in space.
If you want to preserve stereo files to simulate virtual speakers in space (left and right, front and back, etc.), convert your stereo track into two mono files for individual processing, or duplicate your stereo track and use the Input Balance control to select the two sides of the stereo channel you want to process.

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Thanks so much for your reply! I am new to Binaural and I am yet to get my head around this…

Would you mind letting me know the following please?

So, I split the stereo channel on two mono files.
Import them in Cubase 11 , but then how do I proceed?

Do I group these two mono files into a stereo Group and add the THX Spatial Plugin on the Stereo Group channel?

Or do I add the plugin on each mono channel of the split mono files?

I hope this makes sense, thanks so much!

PS, there are no videos on line on how to set up the THX plugin, thanks for your help!!

It’s up to you how you do it. You can use the plug-in separately on each channel for maximum flexibility. Or you can route everything to a stereo bus and then split it into two mono signals. Your individual approach depends on the material and your ideas.

If you want to simulate virtual left and right speakers for the left and right sides of that track, you have 2 options: The first is to split your stereo track into 2 mono tracks and instantiate the THX plugin on both of those tracks. Then you can place a virtual speaker position using the sound source position controls.
The other option is to leave your stereo track intact with the plugin active, but then duplicate the track and plugin instance. On the first track, set the Input Balance slider hard left, and on the other track set the Input Balance hard right. Then you will have independent control over the sound source placement for the left and right sides of the stereo track.

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Thanks for your time and for explaining in detail.

I am hugely grateful!! :pray:

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