anyone having freeze on exit still with BFD 3?

After struggling with Cubase freezing on exit when BFD 2 x64 came out I started using superior drummer.

When BFD 3 was announced I upgraded and now with a brand new machine and new version of Cubase I’m still having the same problem, Cubase freezes on exit when BFD is in a project.

Anyone else having this issue?

DAW specs in sig; windows 8.1 x64


No freezing on exit here with BFD3 but I do get the occasional “Cubase Quit Unexpectedly” box after shutting down but it doesn’t seem to be related to BFD specifically. Really liking BFD3 too…excellent upgrade.

I have had the odd crash and use BFD3 but not sure if it is BFDs fault as I have it on most projects.

Not yet (knocking on wood now), I however experienced hangups the 3 first time when starting cubase (after installing BFD3), the hang was on BDF3, the fourth time Cubase starts and BFD is insertable, strange!!!

I’ve also upgraded from BFD2 to 3; not used it much yet (hardly at all) but for what it’s worth, BFD3 in projects hasn’t led to crashing or any instability on my laptop or desktop to date.



If I close from the file/quit menu it’s fine.

Isn’t this an old bug?

BFD 3 freezes Cubase on rescanning plugins for me everytime. It’s been doing this from the x64 update in BFD 2 and Cubase 6 . I was surprised when 2 years later with a new machine, new OS, new Cubase and a new BFD v.3 it was still happening. Works fine once you’ve force quit and rescanned.


Ok had some progress on this:

this only happens when you have external FX in your project along with BFD3

anyone confirm?


No problem here in Windows 7.
Windows 8 is a problem I guess.

No, did you see my other post? It’s only when you’re using external FX,

Are you using External FX?


As an update this seems like its only happening with Steinberg Hardware!