Anyone having Melodyne 'make extension permanent' ignores and fails on changes

Really causing me issues in all project where some clips will invoke melodyne, allow me to make changes and then once I ‘Make Extension Permanent’ it will process and not commit those changes (audio is the same as it was). If I instead use ‘Bounce’ on that same clip it will create a silent audio clip. I have found no clear way around this. Sometimes if I bounce the clip before loading Melodyne it will then work properly.

Anyone else having these issues as I dont see it on the Forum. I’m on latest Nuendo and Latest Melodyne release.

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Yup, been having a lot of ARA crashes in Nuendo 12.3. Also happens with Vocalign Ultra and Spectralayers. I used to bounce the audio to commit Melodyne but that crashes as well. Cutting a melodyne clip also mutes the whole clip. Went back to 11.41 and everything is way more stable.