Anyone having Stylus Problems in C6

Working on a project I started in Cubase 5 and am continuing in Cubase 6, I opened Sylus for the first time and all I get is a graphic with the shelf box on the left and nothing else. Its like a splash screen designed to sell the product. What gives??? I need to get a part down and I had to stop. Omnisphere would not open in CB6 either. Is this known??? These are legal paid for products of course. No changes to hardware on my setup at all. .

How bizarre! No problems here with Stylus on Cub 6 (64bit both, Win7).

Have you moved from 32bit Cub5 to 64bit Cub6? If so, have you reinstalled Stylus using the 64bit plugin?

Has “something happened” that might mean you have to re-authorise Stylus?

Anyroad-upwards, I’d suggest reinstalling Stylus (including latest updates, 1.9.4d I think on WIn) as a first line of attack and then see what gives.

Let me guess, you are using C6 32 bit in a windows 64 bit host?

What is the memory usage of your project?

I sometimes get this in C5, when memory usage is high ( > 1.5GB or so )

Stylus RMX seems especially sensitive to low memory situations…