Anyone having the issue of VSTi's suddenly not playing back?

This has been an issue for me on and off since I upgraded to 9 and it still exists in 9.5: Sometimes in a bigger session certain instruments will just stop playing back. There’s enough CPU – it happens in both low CPU and high CPU projects, though more in high CPU projects. All I need to do is disable then enable the VSTi and then it plays back fine. I’ve got boatloads of RAM, so it definitely can’t be that, and it affects both sample-based (Kontakt, Battery, Omnisphere, Padshop, etc.) VSTI’s and full-on synths (Sylenth, Icarus, Electra X, etc.). Happens in Nuendo also.

Any idea what’s happening and how to fix it? It’s a major problem for me.

I have this problem as well. Sometimes I find that disabling the track and reenabling it helps. I also find it on sylenth and serum, though I feel like it has happened on other synths too. It happens often when I duplicate a track and the s come up be won’t start playing until I fiddle with it for a while.