Anyone having these glitches?

Hi all,

I just installed CB10, disabled preferences and still have issues with the master and loudness meters and the vintage compressor in the channel strip. I cant find an issue alerady reported. Anyone else seen this?


After further looking at the new chanel strip, I seem to lack the exit buttons too when I select to edit the compressors. I can not close the UI of these in the channel strip. This makes using this new feature useless to me as I have to unload the compessor to get the chanel strip back.

Try disabling HiDPI mode.

I switched HiDPI on and off, no results…

I actually think these are two separate issues… GUI corrunption in master meters and in the channel strip… My PC and Nvidia drivers are up to date.

So I guess it was a bug, considdering the issue was fixed with the latest update :wink:

Thanks for the fix Team Steinberg, I can now use CB10 as I would like!