Anyone having trouble with the E-LIcenser?

Hi there,

Windows decided to automatically update itself on me last night.Since the update,cubase wont open.It says no valid license.When i open the e-license control center,it says this version is too old.I went to the the steinberg site to download the latest version but that version wont even open.Some strange error message appears.The same same messages appears when i try to open cubase as well. Anyone else having this issue?

After a Win10 update, that often happens. Usually the bigger updates.
When that happens, start eLicenser as admin, and perform a maintenance.
If that does not work, download the latest eLicenser software, install as admin, run as admin and perform a maintenance.
If you still have problems, try to use a different USB port, the rediscovery of the dongle often fixes the install if nothing of the above helps.

Installing the newer version over the older version done the trick.i was uninstalling the old e-licenser software before installing the new version.All is good.Thanks anyway