Anyone hear a hiss with pedaling?

New Grand 3 user here. I’m very much enjoying the sound of the Grand 3, but I hear a hiss building up in the background when I hold the pedal down across many notes. Does anyone have this issue? Could this be an issue of how I’ve set up my preferences?

its to much work for your cpu, if u hear that hiss, release the pedal for a sec. or get another cpu with lets say 6 cores

I think it is normal to have a hiss sound. Anyway I have it. You can adjust how many dB of this sound you want to hear or turn it off completely.


hiss gives a more natural sound and feel. Although, as podeig noted, you can turn it off entirely.

When using my Roland piano through a UR22 midi into Cubase 8 with The Grand 3 selected, I get a swishing noise every time i press the sustain pedal - sound like the strings being released on a traditional piano. This noise actually records and is represented by a vertical line on the track. I have asked Steinberg and Roland to comment but no joy yet.
Just found a setting in The Grand 3 which allows me to turn the damper pedal off and this seems to have solved the problem. Obviously there for a more ‘authentic sound’ but sounds like electrical interference.

I have the same problem as you guys. That hiss affect me a lot, it´s very annoying. I have a MacPro with 8 Gb in RAM but the hiss remains the same