Anyone help with some UR routing?

Feel a bit embarrassed having to ask this, but after spending hours today I’ve still not come up with the right settings.

OK, this started after I thought I’d try using the control room functions fully and get rid of my hardware monitor controller.

I first set things up using my trusty MR units and all was well and working as expected until I added my hardware compressor as an external FX, It was then I realised that the main volume knob controls ALL out puts at the same time, so no go.

As I own a UR824 as well I thought I’d plug the MR unit into the UR and try that way.

I have the Hardware compressor working fine as a hardware insert now using the variable mix knobs/settings.
I have the analogue outs from the MR mapped to the ADAT ins of the UR but for some reason I’m getting the hardware compressor insert coming back through the ADAT ins???

I Also can’t seem to get anything happening with the headphone outs.

I just need the main mix going to headphones out put 1 and my singers cue mix to the second output.

Any ideas guys I’ve not used the UR unit before like this so I’m struggling with the terminology compared to the MR.


Hi Norbury

Yes it’s a bit tricky at first, took me a while BUT… you have to have the hardware tab in the C7 mixer open. Then click either the headphone icon or the icon next to it, which opens the Steinberg UR824 Setup dialog. Go to the Master Levels tab and UNTICK the outputs you DON’T want to be controlled by Master Volume control, you can still change these volumes if you want with the mouse. Then go to the headphones tab, the headphones outputs are fed by any of the 4 main stereo outputs which you set in this tab, I use the 4th(7/8) output as a feed to the booth, the headphones I use in the control room for…headphones:-)It all integrates very well with C7 but it does get a little complex ar times. You also have to have the Cue Sends in the mixer enabled(I missed this at first, simple as though it my be)they do NOT show by default. Another thing is that Control Room has to be enabled in the VST Connections dialog and whatever routing you require set up there(probably should’a said this first) Anyway, hope this helps

Best Regards


Thanks Dave,

I’m just having my morning coffee and hope that a clear head will sort this today, however couple of questions;


outputs; Mix out, DAW out, analogue/digital out,Headphone out.

Control room:

I have 2 sets of monitors, one singer ‘cue’, one external input (CD coming in digitally)

Now as far as I remember when I set up the monitor outs and chose analogue out 1 and 2 like I do on the MR I got no sound, it was only when I changed them to ‘mix out 1’ or could have been DAW out 1 that I got sound, however I get no sound from the headphones.

with the MR unit the main analogue out /DAW mix just comes from whatever I set in the control room outs ,generally 1 and 2 and of course come out of the headphone outs exactly the same.

there seems to be another variable with the UR ; whats the difference between ‘mix out 1’ and DAW out 1?


OK update;

I’ve been having a play around again and had more success today.

Could anyone tell me the difference between using the mix output to my monitors rather than DAW output or Analogue output when using the control room and what effect this has on routing.

Also what’s the difference in using a headphone mix tab in the control room over a ‘Cue’ mix tab?

do you need both when using the UR? as I said the MR doesn’t have these distinctions.


Hi Norbury

One of the big things is to NOT have anything connected in the Output tab of VST connections, this is quite important, there is also a “preference” for this in Preferences>VST>Control Room>Exclusive device ports for monitor Channels. I’m not sure of the Cue mix vs Headphones thing, I don’t have headphones setup in VST Connections at all. I have 3 sets of speaker monitors (on UR stereo outs 1, 2 ,and 3) and 1 cue mix (on UR stereo out 4) which goes through to the Vocal booth. I then use the UR hardware tab to change what I want to listen to from either of the headphone outputs, I really only use 1 of them. I haven’t used an MR so I’m not sure of the differences between it and the UR, sorry 'bout that.

Best Regards


Ah, OK the UR hardware tab to listen to different mixes, hmm interesting, I’m sure it’s meant to be done with the control room though by switching between the ‘mix’ and ‘cue’ bottons, this works with my headphones but not with the monitor out’s , so if I want to listen to the ‘singers’ ‘cue’ mix if have to do it with headphones.


Hi Norbury

I don’t think I was very clear, you are right about using the Mix/Cue buttons in Control room to switch between the two mixes( the main Mix or the Cue mix being sent to the performer, I was only referring to the headphones outputs on the front of the UR, I sometimes (using the Hardware tab in the mixer)route the the Cue mix to the headphone out so I can gauge what the performer is actually hearing on his/her Cue mix. I have included a pic of my control room connections, maybe then I’ll make some sense:-)

Best Regards


Thanks Dave.

OK here’s where it doesn’t make sense to me, if anyone else can chime in here I’d appreciate it too :slight_smile:

so lets say for arguments sake I have:

3 sets of monitors, lets call them:

1: Questeds
2: NS10
3: Aurotones

Ok now I need to have 4 cue mixes to send to the band;

Cue 1; Singer
Cue 2; Gtr and Bass
Cue 3: Keys
Cue 4: drummer

Now, if I do as you’ve done and use Mix 1, 2 and 3 for the monitors that only leaves mix 4 for the cue, so I can’s have more than one cue mix.

I’ve got round this by using the DAW outs for my monitors, and the mix outs for cue mixes, the downside of this though is I can’t hear any input monitoring unless I use the headphones cue mix.

So, it seems the direct monitored signals ONLY come out of the ‘MIX’ busses, so unless you have the mix busses assigned to the speakers you can’t hear the monitor mix!!

but as I said if you assign the mixes to the speakers you can’t then use them for cues!!!

Am I right here about this as it seems crazy???

AND …WTF are the ‘headphones’ for in the control room setup, if the cue mixes are going to headphones anyway?