Anyone here controlling Chord Pad with Leap Motion and Geco ?

Hi guys,
I’m very impressed and inspired by these videos:

So - I’ve installed Leap Motion and Geco, and mapped left/right and up/down movements to Chordpads voicing and tension modifiers.
It’s working pretty well, but it’s kind of flimsy - it’s difficult to move only one parameter at the time.
In the leap motion visualizer everything moves as expected so I think the problem lies with Geco.
I’m very interested in how you have set the parameters in Geco - especially in the advanced section.
Any advice ?

How ya,

I think they have found some other software that works better than GECO on this thread. LEAP motion controller update ? | Page 4 | VI-CONTROL

Just a quick question about this. All I would need is the leap motion controller and then I just download GECO (or the software they found in that thread) and I’m good to go? I found one cheap enough but want to make sure Its not missing things Ill have to buy separately.

This thread has more info on updates for the contoller Cubase - How To Install The Leap Motion Controller And GECO On Windows 10 | VI-CONTROL


hey Nucube!
Tnx for pointing me to !
It works much better than Geco. I’m using it with chord pad in Cubase, and it’s fast and responsive.
You don’t need anything else than the leap motion controller to get going. :partying_face: