Anyone here experienced a "Dead Channel?"

I’m not sure if it an import issue or some kind of corrupted file, or even a matching issue between iterations, but, on occasion, I’ve had issues with, what I’m calling, “Dead Channels.”

Example: I open an old project that was started in N4 or N6 in N7. Most of the channels play. But I’ll notice a channel that I know has audio on it (I’m looking at the wave file in the project window) and the led meter is dark! :astonished: I solo the channel and nothing is coming out. It’s dead! I create a new channel next to it and move the event to the newly created channel and it plays just fine. Has anybody else had this experience? What causes something like that? :question:

I think that has happened to me in the past, but not recently.

Could be that removing and reloading Inserts solved it. Same for Outputs.

Yip, has happened here. Re-opening the project sorts it out.

I’ve had it too. I haven’t had it in a while, and I’m thinking the problem is related to opening anything from a previous version, which seems to happen in Nuendo at times both for older projects and templates.

Not recently, but I have encountered this bug.

Any plug-ins involved? … it happens to me in all my DAWs from time to time, mostly with Waves plug-ins, but others might be affected, too.

I have had issues with channels with plug-ins and without. For awhile, it was happening so often and consistently, that I realized that it MUST the template itself. So I wrote a new one from scratch in N7.0 and that seemed to stop the problem.

I am now having a problem with a project that started in N4, was re-developed in N6 then 6.5 and was last worked on in N7.0 as of July 2016. This week end, I tried to open it in N7.1 and it totally crashed Nuendo! :astonished: I tried launching from the Nuendo document, the backup file and the CSH version. Absolutely no go! I get this same error message every time.

Something is fighting with Eucon, because Nuendo7 just hung up and and Eucon is trying to establish a connection or something that it never achieves. So, I have to stop it from the task manager and re-open Nuendo fro scratch.

I had to go back to the June 2016 version of the project to get it to open. So, I’ve lost the the edits made between June and July. :frowning: Meanwhile, I have no idea what, why or how the file got corrupted. I would really like to figure THAT out, so as to avoid this occurrence in he future.