Anyone here know if Sampletank/Free uses VST2 or 3?

I’m looking into Sampletank (the Free version to start), and reading recently that Cubase sometimes doesn’t play nicely with VST2 instruments, I was wondering what the story with Sampletank VSTs was.

Thanks for any comments!

Aloha A,

I use the full version but here is what I found on their site:

Supported Plug-in formats (64-bit): Audio Units, VST 2, VST 3, AAX.

Good Luck!

Ah, thanks curteye, for the info and for the link. It is slightly unclear to me, I will probably have to trial/get the free one to see … I’m wondering if the supplied VSTs are VST 2 as well as 3.

Thx again!

BTW, curteye … would you be able to say a few words about SampleTank? Which version do you own? Do you occasionally buy 3rd party VSTs to supplement the on-board sounds? Pretty happy with it?



I’ve been using Sampletank/Free (VST2) for a while (originally with my old SONAR software) - the bass pack and the horns work nicely especially in a dense production. Setting it up in Cubase 8 Pro was a bit of a chore - not Cubase’s issue - all related to IKMultimedia. Occasionally, the Sampletank splash screen whites out. I’ve got current video software updates - not sure how to resolve that particular issue. I hope this helps -


Hey curteye - you want to share any thoughts on what you like/don’t like about SampleTank? Do you have the latest version 3.5.2? What are your favorite vs. least favorite sounds?


Just to bud in with my two cents about SampleTank 3.5.2…

I think the strings, brass, & woodwinds sound very good. To be honest that’s why I purchased it. They are totally adjustable. Synths and keyboard sounds are OK too. I typically don’t use most of the other sounds much so I will not comment on those.

Also, never had a crash or any other issue using ST2 or now, ST3.

Regards :sunglasses: