Anyone here use Sequel?


Guess I can’t post in the Sequel forums without purchasing … strange.

I have a lot of music to make fast, so I’ve been using Apple loops to good effect in Soundtrack Pro. However, while the loops are great the app is awful. I’d much rather just work in Cubase (but the 20,000 loop apple library has to be replaced!). I know there’s a lot of loops for Sequel out there … but my question is whether Sequel provides any functionality or ease of use features not in Cubase 5/6 in respect of working with loops? It’s not expensive, and the included loop library seems a good way to start a loop library. But could I use this content in Cubase just as effectively as in Sequel? Is all of Sequel buried in Cubase somewhere?

Does anyone know how many loops are in the Sequel content packs? It says ‘hundreds of loops’ but no specifics about the midi/audio ratio, or how many ‘hundreds’ really means.

Also, are the Sequel content packs all 100% functional in Cuabase 5/6? I suspect they are, but just want confirmation.

Thanks in advance



You know there’s a demo at