Anyone here use the Digidesign Command 8 with Windows 10?

Looking for a DAW controller with motorized faders for my Cubase 8.5/Windows 10 setup, and I’ve seen the Command 8 going pretty cheap on used gear sites. Looks like a solid piece of gear, but I understand it’s pretty old. Maybe my google game is weak, but I can’t find anyone confirming having it working perfectly with windows 10? I can’t even seem to find official drivers for it at all. It seems Avid (who bought up Digidesign many years ago) have completely washed their hands of it, it’s well beyond it’s end of support date by now. But Avid don’t have the decency to offer up legacy drivers? Pitiful. But ok. Any input?

Same question here but Cubase 9.5 & Win 10 too.