Anyone here use the Dolby Atmos Renderer Suite on their Mac w/N12

I can’t get signal from N12 via the DAR Bridge. If anyone could help…tnx

Works for me - MacStudio w/ OS Monterey, DAR, Nuendo 12. There are a lot of moving pieces to get right in this config, but nothing that’s unstable.

Check these things:

  • Make sure DAR is the audio interface in Nuendo settings (not your actual audio interface)
  • Make sure DAR has a proper input configuration, and that you use it in ‘Input’ mode, not ‘Master’ mode.
  • Make sure DAR has a proper output and room configuration.
  • I have a LTC channel setup between Nuendo and DAR, but not sure if this is required for Music and how it’s handled there.
  • Make sure all the beds/objects are setup properly in the ADM window and connected to the right output channels.
  • Make sure in Nuendo in the Audio Connections interface, the output buses are mapped to the correct DAR input channels.

I would break it down into pieces - make sure sure DAR can playback by going into ‘Master’ mode and playing back a file. Make sure all your routing in Nuendo is good - you don’t want to switch audio interface as this can cause new issues, rely on meters to see that everything goes where it is supposed to. With that verified, make sure all the connections are created and configured. Focus on beds first, as they’re a bit simpler.

The only thing I ran into a week ago, is that I loaded a different project that didn’t use DAR as interface, and then some settings changed and loading a Atmos project said that all the ObjectID mapping got lost (there are some other reports here in the forum on that too). Re-building that was a bit painful. There’s one step where you seem to have to restart Nuendo as it caches some information and doesn’t want to connect anything in ADM unless you make it forget cached data.

But once it is setup if you open/close Nuendo and even reboot, it always seems to come up fine. I do try to make sure DAR is running before Nuendo starts, and I tend to have to switch DAR back to input mode. It often defaults to ‘master’ when restarted.

Other than those notes, it’s difficult to triage without seeing your screen.


Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

I had a very long night where I was ready to quit any Atmos aspirations when I came across the document below, which was not included with the Atmos document bundle I got with the suite.

Dolby Atmos Renderer guide

While I am not an Atmos Master yet it did open my eyes to some key information I was missing so I could get signal to and from the renderer.

So after getting some sleep I am ready to bull my way to betting the Dolby panner to work for me…s

Dolby Atmos Renderer guide

The big thing I learned is that the preferences on the DAR itself need to be set before you can get it to do what you want!

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Indeed, there is quite a bit of config work you have to do, which may be project specific. And it has to be done before you setup Nuendo as you mentioned, as Nuendo reads it (and apparently also caches some of it).

Best to quit Nuendo while you make those changes and the restart.

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