Anyone in holland/netherlands who can open my old disks?

Thank you

I have 2 diskdrives:
1 = IBM with USB ( Thinkpad)
1 = build in to the labtop, Toshiba 320 cbs with windows 98

The floppies are:
Sony Micro Floppie disk, double sided 1.44 ( MFD-2DD.and others ( MF2-HD mostly)

i used Badcopy software, to restore…its a free old program, 95-98-7-xp -onwards…but no luck

The internal floppy drives in laptops tend to be connected via USB, you might have better luck with an old desktop computer that has a drive connected by a flat cable to an actual disk controller:
That’s also the type of drive Greaseweazle needs.

I think you’re going to need the assistance of a computer tech of the same vintage as the floppies themselves!

Thank you
will search / investigate it.
I was already happy to have a windows machine with diskdrive…very disapointing it did not work as i was hoping for.
Cubase / steinberg has much more experiance. Wonder why they do not have extra service ( for a specific price) to help users with this…or someone who offers to read and copy the disks as payable service.

Unfortunately after 25-30 years it’s amazing that any floppy is still readable. I have had limited success reading Atari ST disks from the '80s using an actual Atari STFM with a refurbished floppy drive, but HD disks from PCs are much more problematic as the track width is only half that of 720k disks.

Sorry I can’t help more, but it really is a specialist data recovery task at this point.