Anyone know 01v96i latency on USB 2.0?

Thinking about upgrading and was looking at the 01v96i but hearing stories here about Yamaha/Steinberg USB drivers not going under 10ms has me worried. Currently using an old RME Hammerfall 9652 through ADAT to an old O1v and easily run 3ms latency which I need for VST instruments, drums in particular. But I am stuck on XP unless I replace the old RME card. But a new RME card plus an 01v96i ain’t cheap!

So if anyone has any data on 01v96i USB 2.0 latency I would appreciate it!


I cant believe no-one has taken 3 seconds to answer this, with a 128 sample buffer I get 6.8 milliseconds.
If I wind the buffer down to 64 I get 4.8 ms, but some things get a little flakey. Happy at 128/6.8

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I’ve Got a kind of same technical issue. Using an old RME hdsp Madi pci-Card With adi-686 adat has far less latency around 2ms than a fireface800 which is around 5ms all digital of course. Can only run properly on rather fast computer i7 and so on. latency values are low 32and48 samples in the control panel. Nuendo and other vst host give me the same overall latency. Is it the ASIO or what giving these delay’s?


I run the O1V96 with a RME card. I’m considering upgrading to the 01V96i and bypass the RME completely.

I can only record @ 96 kHz > 4 X ADAT channels on the O1V96 and need more Inputs.

1 ) So how is the O1V96i working with Cubase 8.0.10 ?

2 ) Maybe I can bypass my ASIO Spikes by bypassing the RME and solve this too ?

  1. Is the latency more or less at the same buffer size over the RME than the “i” ?

  2. Is ASIO Guard working with the “i” ?

    PS: I know the DANTE card with O1V96 can solve my input problems but the internal effects in the O1V96i seems mouth-watering…and makes the setup simpler ( I hope ). I’m not so worried about the quality of the Preamps > I use mainly Millennia Preamps.

Suggestions will be appreciated !




Just bought the O1v96i > very glad I did !!!

I bypassed my RME now completely and use the O1V96i mixer > Yamaha Steinberg USB AUDIO driver.

No more spikes whatsoever running huge projects at 256 and as low as 128 with ASIO Guard ON. No issues whatsoever !

Cause I only use 1 AD/DA converter in the chain my sound also improved @ 96kHZ.