Anyone know about Cubase Pro 9.0.20 release?

I thought I had read a while back that it was pretty soon … but has a mod posted anything recently (or could a mod help in this post)?

Things I am hoping to see fixed:

  1. Tempo Detection
  2. Elastique
  3. The “will inadvertently erase/edit the source audio unless you toggle on/off when transferring audio between projects” bug.


Yes…over due for sure on the ELASTIC AUDIO fix.

The Midi Manager export /import bug.

Someone from Cubase said in gearslutz that nobody knows since elastique is not up to them. Zplane works on it and just have to wait.


Hi guys,

How can it be a Zplane thing since it was perfectly working with 8.5!

Anyway Steiny it’s really time to go for multi track warping like almost all other DAWs!

And if you’re stuck with maybe Zplane limitations or difficult integration of Elastique libraries go for ARA and Melodyne.

What are you referring to here?

Yes the elastique bug is really a huge problem.
Also i have the feeling that elastique-algoriythm has some kind of random behavior, playing the same elastique part again and again, its always a little bit different.

Because 9 is using an updated buggy zplane algorithm.

Link please?

It does not matter, does it? They should fix it, go back to the 8.5 algorithm if need be.

Your own thread on gearslutz :slight_smile:
Maybe read GN’s reply again. :open_mouth:

Thanks for the heads up.

I do read that much differently. He wrote: “… for Cubase’s 9 a new library was implemented, and now the Zplane algorithm (developed by Zplane) is not behaving like it should”.

To me that means that the Zplane Elastique algorithm which worked fine in Cubase 8.5.20 no longer works in Cubase 9 because of changes made in Cubase. Not that the Zplane Elastique algorithm got buggy at the same time.

I’m not aware of any change to the completely functional Zplane Elastique algorithm that occurred at the same time Cubase 9 came out, are you? Can you help me understand it differently, do you understand his post differently?

Thanks -

Dear guys, please forgive me, but can you elaborate on the Elastique issues? I honestly haven’t noticed any problems with it myself and am wondering what I’m missing.

I have seen people talk about this issue many times here but I am still not quite sure what exactly is broken so I can beware of it :slight_smile:



thanks! :slight_smile:

Fix the Tuner PLS!! Useless on BASS.

It’s been well over two months since this bug has been acknowledged. It must be a bigger issue than what I had initially thought since it still hasn’t been corrected.

Fix the Tuner PLS!! Useless on BASS.