Anyone know an email address to complain about support?

i have the issue of upgrading to Cubase 8 and getting poor Vst performance (like many others). I have raised issues with support 2 times now, the first one being weeks ago and had no reply. I would therefore like to take this higher as the zero support is unacceptable. In my last support request I have offered Steinberg to take full remote control of my system and do anything they like to try and discover the issue. I also requested a refund for my upgrade to C8 and to have a new 7.5 license issued until they can resolve the problems. No response at all. To say I am disappointed is a vast understatement. Any help greatly appreciated.

No? thought as much.


“to have a new 7.5 license issued”

You can used all previous version of Cubase with the higher one.