Anyone know anything about composing music using Cubasis (or another piano roll editor) and Roland Sound Canvas?

I plan on composing music using a MIDI keyboard (I have the lightning to camera adapter), Roland Sound Canvas, and a MIDI piano roll editor (Like Cubasis, what else works, does GarageBand?) I wanna use Sound Canvas for the instruments.

Yes I am kind of a noob to music Makin and software.

Hi reifennec,

Thanks for your message.
If possible, please clarify the question you want to be answered.


I wanted to know how if Cubasis has a MIDI piano roll editor and if one could use that with the Roland Sound Canvas app, and if there an app similar to Cubasis that uses Audiobus/Inter-app audio where the sounds of Sound Canvas go into the editing program.

I’m kind of a noob at music editing/software.

Hi reifennec!
Yes, its possible, but not comfortable, Audio Bus limitation.
I have SCanvas, but use it for Standart Midi File reading, such as classical music from internet.
Anyway there is a lot other devices like SampleTank and Cubasis onboard))

PS Specially for you I just tested Cubasis and SCanvas, and make a lot of screenshots. If you need it, just write me private message and Ill send it for you.

Thanks for the input and support, Mitikas!