ANYONE KNOW HOW DM-24 as a Controller for Steinberg Cubase

I am trying to get full channel capibilities from CB6 - Tascam DM 24. I have it 1/2 way thru MIDI. Board controls CB but CB does not . Any one ot there w/ this combination or may know the answer ?

I tried doing it like this but i’m not sure if i did it correctly, only 1/2 way works.
In Cubase VST 5.xx:
• In the Options/MIDI Setup/System menu, make sure the MIDI outputs and inputs connected
to the DM-24 are enabled.
• In the Options/VST Remote menu, select Generic Remote from the Remote menu, and select
the aforementioned MIDI input and output.

Click the Edit button, and in the Edit window select Import
• Select the file DM24VST.XML and click Okay.

I didn’t see any of these templetes

Notes on the Generic Remote template
The Generic Remote template can be customized to a considerable degree. Individual functions
like EQ, FX sends, etc. can be mapped out to the DM-24’s faders, soft knobs and switches.
We’ve included a few example banks (Buss Channels, Groups, and EQ’s) to get you started.
In the template you will find:
• Four banks of 16 faders
• One bank for 8 group faders, solos and aux send levels
• One bank for buss faders (this will vary in number depending on your audio device)
• Three banks for EQ control. The EQ control functions as follows: