Anyone know how to change VSTi content directory?

Hey all. I’m trying to install 7.5. It takes 8GB of disc space, which I can only assume means a lot of VSTi content. My programs disk is not the fastest. I’d like to put it on my raid array which I designed for streaming sounds quickly. Anyone know which folder I need to move and if once moved, relinking the library to the plugin is difficult?



I should mention; I checked the directories in the cubase installation folder and they were all only a matter of tens of MB’s, so it’s not any of them.

Since you are trying to imstall, you simply need to look on the screen, all the install folders are mentioned there, and can be changed. If you already have installed , it would have been a good idea, if you had posted your system and OS, since obviously on a win computer the files have a different location than on a Mac. Since you haven’ t, you might try the search, this question had been answered several times already…

I did find it. Since some of the folders *can’t be changed so I assumed they were all alike. Hell, maybe it’s not too far of a stretch to assume that if this question has been asked a lot, maybe it’s not actually all that obvious. There is a standard interface for installing to user selected directories that Steinberg decided not to use, BTW.

All good now.