Anyone know how to create Drum Select Kits?


I’m trying to create my own drum kits that use quick control to select the drum sounds. Basically recreate the Halion 4 Bass Drum Select, Hi-Hat Select, etc. Does anyone know how to do this. I’ve tried to reverse engineer the HALion programs, but have had little success.


Here’s a video from dubspot of this being done using Ableton Live’s sampler

Tough one! I’ve been looking at it and couldn’t figure it out either.
When you look at the QC manager of the first layer you see that there’s
something going on. But even the mapping confuses me as there are some of
the selectable basedrums not playable on the keys they’re put on…

Really really tough. But a challenge. I’ll keep on trying.

Has anybody figured this out?

I’m building a drumkit right now and it would be awesome to get this working.
It’d make it possible to built one huge flexible GM Kit for every style. The one I’m building right now is rather dirty and for Old School Hip Hop and House productions. And to skip the whole kit just because the kick doesn’t fit is lame.

Thanks for any suggestion!

I found a way to do it. Well, it’s still not the same as I just don’t get
what the engineers did to make it happen. I use layer alternate for this
reasnon. I’d really like to post an example kit here… But I don’t know how to
export a program comparable to NI’s monolith-format…

If I understand you right you should be able to load the drumsets and simply copy the kicks from the mapping sections into the mapping section of a new program.

Thanks for your suggestion.

But nah, that’s not the problem. Sure, replacing a kick drum of a
kit with another one is not a big deal. What we want to achieve is
making a selection of various sounds available on the same key, using
the quick controls to skip through them.

Ok, thats interesting. A little offtopic but still related - I still havent found a way to route each sound from a program to different outputs (I´ve found the routing options in the sound edit preview section, but that still doesnt permanently route the sound). You would have to do that if you want to use snare - kick - hi hat from the same program, right?


Yeah, that’s not so obvious. You have to use the program tree
to do so. Just add a new bus to the single layers (kick, snare and so on)
and route its output. Now you can use the multiple outputs of halion in Cubase
to mix every drumsound individually. You can of course also mix 'em individually
inside of Halion like that.

Thanks for that, I´m used to use a separate program for kick / snare / hihat selection and then route 'em out to Cubase, but what you just said changes a lot, thanks!

I found out how to do it and made a little tutorial about it.
Sorry that it’s in german. I wanted to enter subtext but couldn’t manage to do so.
I’m a video-noob. But I guess you can see what’s do anyway.